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Helikopter: H-19 - Leonardo (Agusta-Westland) - A109HO (A-109BA)


H-19 - Leonardo (Agusta-Westland) - A109HO (A-109BA) Land: Belgie Belgie
Call Sign: H-19
Registratie: OT-ATA
Bouwjaar: 1992
Serialnr: 0319
Operator: Belgian Army Air Component
Militair toestel

  • 1993-03-31: in dienst genomen 
  • 1998-09-05: foto op Kleine Brogel © Daniel Brackx - met onze dank voor de medewerking
  • 2000-05-23: crash
    • Cat. 4 During an exercise a formation of 4 A109s (from 17BnHATk) landed on the reservebasis of Bertrix. During taxiing H-19 hit a row of pallets with jerrycans with his rotors and is thrown on its side. The fire that started was put out by the fire department. Debris of the mainrotor and the jerrycans hit the other 3 A109S (H-23, H-33 and H-35). A piece from the mainrotor shattered the windscreen of H-35 at about 5cm of the crew. Luckily nobody from the air- or groundcrew were injured. After some Battle Damage Repair H-19 was flown to its homebase of Bierset, but eventually the helicopter was written-off.
  • 2002-04: Wreck noted at Brasschaat AB
  • 2003-05-31: Wreck noted at Bierset AB (in the Agusta hangar)
  • 2004-01-21: Stored at Zutendaal
  • 2004-09: First being noted as instructional airframe at the Technical School, Saffraanberg (fuselage only)
  • 2008-03-09: Used by student sheet metal workers of the Training Centre Air to learn how to repair and/or replace damaged panels of an airframe
  • Foto credits: Bjorn Vermoote - met onze dank
  • 2016: After use as an engineering instructional airframe at Saffraanberg, it has now moved on and is being restored at the Heritage Museum at Beauvechain Air Base, Belgium.
    • Picture 26 June 2016 by Alan Wilson UK - thanks for the collab

H-19 (2)

Fabrikant: Leonardo (Agusta-Westland)
Model: A109HO (A-109BA)
ICAO-Type: A109
Motor: 2 x Rolls Royce Allison C250
Zitplaatsen: 2crew+pax
Gewicht (leeg | kg): 1944
Gewicht (max | kg): 2850
Maximumsnelheid (km/u): 282
Vluchtsnelheid (km/u): 240
Lengte (m): 13
Breedte (m): 2.8
Hoogte (m): 3.5
Rotor diameter (m): 11
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