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Helikoptermodel: UH-12B


Fabrikant: Hiller
Model: UH-12B
ICAO-Type: UH12
Motor: 1 x Franklin 6V-335 piston 200hp
Zitplaatsen: 3
Gewicht (leeg | kg): 807
Gewicht (max | kg): 1270
Vluchtsnelheid (km/u): 154
Lengte (m): 8.53
Hoogte (m): 2.98
Rotor diameter (m): 10.8
The Hiller UH-12 is a single-engine three-seat light utility helicopter produced by the US-American manufacturer Hiller Helicopters Inc. initially designated Hiller 360. The UH-12 in service with the US-Army was designated H-23 Raven, redesignated OH-23 Raven (Observation Helicopter) in 1962.

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